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International  Academy of Saginaw offers a standards-aligned curriculum and engaging Project-Based Learning for All:


Project-Based Learning and Student Engagement

At IAS, we deliver a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum and high quality instruction that prepare students to solve real world problems and meet grade-level expectations. Our hands-on and project-based focus means that we work to find ways to connect the real world with what students are learning in class.  Students develop critical future-ready skills as they apply their knowledge and skills in core subjects to real-world challenges.  

High Quality Curriculum and Materials: IAS utilizes high-quality student-centered resources and materials for ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science for every grade level.  Our Common Core reading program offers rigorous yet supportive content to make demanding grade-level standards reachable for all students.  Our math curriculum and materials are top-rated and our science curriculum includes regular hands-on activities, projects and experiments.  All materials and curriculum are research-based and engaging.

i-Ready Learning Projects at International Academy of Saginaw

i-Ready at IAS is an award-winning curriculum that helps teachers implement high-quality,  standards-aligned lessons and project-based learning (PBL). i-Ready and the district’s Lumio EdTech platform provide essential project design elements, including standards-based performance tasks, common core aligned lessons, online resources,  and common assessments that prepare students for success on the MSTEP, PSAT & more!

Check  out a few sample projects students will be working on this year!


Students develop a weather app and will practice writing equations to convert between temperature scales as well as graph their data. The community will be able to access the weather app from the IAS website and Facebook page.


Students develop a new container garden for a community in the Saginaw area. Students will inform the public of the community project as well as create a model container garden.


Students run a cupcake delivery business, in which they interpret diverse word problems and engage in practice with basic economics, proportions, and the coordinate system. This project prepares students to tackle applied problems on the NWEA and M-STEP.


Students run a virtual pizza shop front. They set prices, compare vendors for ingredients, and  perform quick mental math to calculate the price of customer orders. Adaptive i-Ready timing gives students appropriately challenging fluency practice with addition, multiplication and multi-step problems.

Differentiated Instruction

Our curriculum is aligned to Michigan's Content Standards and matched with teachers who provide personalized instruction based on the assessed needs of our students.  All students have access to a standards-aligned, grade-level curriculum. Differentiated instructional practices ensure that every child meets the demands of today's standards. Multi-tiered systems of support provide students with additional practice to master on-level concepts and skills or opportunities to extend learning. Integrated with an MTSS platform, our curriculum provides a seamless connection between student data and instruction.